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Corporate Governance

The Board has the responsibility of ensuring Wrkr is properly managed so as to protect and enhance Shareholders’ interests in a manner that is consistent with Wrkr’s responsibility to meet our obligations to all parties with which we interact.

Our Values

  1. Accountable
    We are accountable for the decisions we make, the work we do and the outcomes we deliver for customers and the Wrkr Team
  2. Customer and stakeholder focused
    Everything we do is to drive better outcomes for our customers and stakeholders
  3. Efficiency and effectiveness driven
    We take every opportunity to improve everything we do, everyday
  4. Team Oriented
    We work openly and collaboratively to deliver great results for our customer and the Wrkr Team
  5. Reliable, efficient and fit for purpose
    What we deliver to our customers and to the Wrkr team

Compliance & Policies

The Board recognises the need for the Company to operate with the highest standards of behaviour and accountability, and has adopted a number of corporate governance policies, including a securities trading policy which sets out the Company’s policy and procedures regarding dealing in the Company’s securities by directors, officers, employees and contractors.
Security Trading Policy
Continuous Disclosure Policy
Remuneration and Nomination Committee Charter
Audit Risk and Compliance Committee Charter
Code of Conduct
Board Charter
Board Performance Evaluation Policy
Risk Management Summary
Whistleblower Policy
Policy for Selection, Appointment, Nomination and Re-Election of Non-Executive Directors