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Software Providers

At Wrkr, our vision is clear – Employer compliance. Made simple.


Wrkr brings more than 15 years of operational experience providing digital superannuation, taxation and pay services for HRM & Payroll providers.

We are an enabler of back end technology services to software providers, not a market competitor. Our scale means that we can deliver services at a cost that is many times less than what a service provider would otherwise spend to develop and maintain technology.

Today, we serve and simplify workforce compliance for:


Million Australian Workers






Billion Processed Annually

HRM & Payroll

Working with your software and elevating its effectiveness to your benefit. Wrkr is not a payroll, but we will integrate seamlessly with yours.

Wrkr is able to improve the quality of data entering en employers HR software through verified data entry. E.g. Identity, personal details, certifications, rights to work etc elevating your personal HR software to be more effective and efficient.

Wrkr can elevate your Payroll with the full suite of compliance moments managed or alternatively we can assist in closing the gaps where your software simply can’t close.

For software providers, Wrkr provides a comprehensive tool to manage all their regulatory compliance requirements from hire to retire, Including:
Employee onboarding (Mobile)
  • Real Time Data collection & validation
  • Option to verify credentials (police checks, passport/visa)
  • Online Employment contracting
Payroll services
  • STP – Single Touch Payroll sending service
  • Payment distribution
Superannuation services
  • SuperStream Gateway
  • Clearing House
  • Employee onboarding – stapling
Taxation services
  • TFN Declaration
  • Medicare levy
  • ABN Validations

The Wrkr Platform has been designed to flex with your requirements, you dictate what parts of our platform you use, how you integrate and the service and support requirements.

Our platform delivers



Fully compliant with ISO20071, SOC2, GNGB ISM, ATO OSF

Data Quality improvements

Validations are built into all products

Time & Cost Savings

Collection of data from source and better quality removes errors

Improved Compliance Outcomes

Have line of sight across all employees with a consolidated view of employee information, improving compliance efficiency and outcomes

Scalability and Reliability

Improved scalability as Wrkr plugs the gaps and elevates your software, performing in the aspects you can’t

Partnering with Wrkr gives you the advantage

Wrkr is an award winning technology/payment provider. Our technology underpins the operations of some of Australia’s largest Super Funds, software providers and employers. 

We offer software providers access to services that enable employers to meet their workforce compliance obligations and provide you with the option to build to add unique services and functions that differentiates your product and drive value to your customer base.


System Integrators

Wrkr is always looking to integrate and to increase configurability to work the way you need our services to work.

Integration Capabilities
  • Overview of Wrkr’s integration capabilities, including supported data formats, API endpoints, and compatibility with other systems
  • Highlight the flexibility and scalability of Wrkr’s integration options to accommodate diverse client needs
Technical Documentation and Resources
  • Access to comprehensive technical documentation, API specifications
Data security and compliance
  • Robust data security measures and compliance standards are implemented within Wrkr’s platform allowing you to integrate with confidence that your data is safe with Wrkr.
Integration Process and Support
  • Provision of ongoing support and assistance to system integrators throughout the integration lifecycle, including troubleshooting and optimisation

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