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Wrkr SMSF Hub is helping with SMSF Compliance and ESA requirements

  • More than 597,000 SMSFs Australia-wide and their +1.1 million members are adjusting to the recent superannuation rollover changes.
  • From 1 October 2021, SMSFs have been required to use SuperStream to rollover super to or from their SMSF.
  • Advisors for 20,000 SMSFs already trust and rely on wrkr to help them manage and meet super compliance obligations. Here’s why:
  • The wrkr SMSF Hub enables SMSF professionals to access and manage SuperStream compliance in one central place.
  • Our wrkr SMSF electronic service address (ESA) allows you to receive SuperStream data.
  • Your firm gets unlimited access to employer contribution reports.
  • Ready to roll with the most effective way to manage SMSF reporting obligations? Contact the team at wrkr today to get SuperStream ready!