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Wrkr CEO outlines the opportunity to make compliance simple for new employees and employers

Wrkr is a regulation technology business for Australian employers. Regulation technology is software that helps automate and enhance monitoring, reporting and other compliance-based processes.

Wrkr takes paper-based processes around onboarding, payroll and accounting and turns them into a simple digital experience.

How Wrkr helps employers

Onboarding new employees is complex. It requires capturing essential information from employees and ensuring everything is monitored in a reliable system. Wrkr digitises onboarding processes like checking tax file numbers, VISA details and other qualifications. Our platform takes employee information, connects to the federal and state departments required for employment checks and makes sure information is verified and compliant. For example, Wrkr automatically checks if employee tax file numbers are correct by connecting to the Australian Tax Office. This makes life easier for employers who can feel sure they are following compliant processes.

Wrkr also has a pay solution that connects to 28 payroll technologies and Australia’s leading super funds. Our solution helps process employee payroll by connecting to government institutions and super funds, automating processes like Single Touch Payroll and SuperStream reporting requirements. Currently, Wrkr processes payroll for 2.8 million Australian who work for 70,000 businesses from large corporations to small enterprises.

How Wrkr helps employees

Wrkr makes life simpler for employees with a mobile application that makes onboarding easier. With Wrkr, employees can do things like scan their driver’s licences, find and enter their tax file number and super fund details all from their phone! This information is sent directly to HR and payroll staff who can then proceed with employment processes on their end. With Wrkr employees can enjoy a seamless onboarding and payroll experience and rest assured that their employers are following compliant processes.

Wrkr makes compliance simple

Wrkr makes compliance simple. We take the pain away from compliance and help employers and employees get the job done well. We make it our business to worry about micro compliance moments and how they impact employers and employees so you don’t have to. Keen to learn more about Wrkr?

Watch our video below.