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Wrkr READY digitises workforce compliance across the hire to retire lifecycle.

Our solution is connected to a host of regulatory systems so we can verify compliance data in real-time. When a new employee enters their information into Wrkr, we can instantly verify its accuracy. For example, we can verify tax file numbers and VISA details. Data collected by wrkr READY is then integrated into an employer’s existing systems whether it’s HR, payroll, rostering or even accounts payable.
Our automation processes save employers and employees time and money. Employers using wrkr READY save about 8 hrs of admin time per new worker. That’s hundreds of dollars per person and if you are a large employer, potentially millions of dollars saved every year. Most importantly, our entire process reduces the risk of non-compliance.
On top of our onboarding features, we have payroll features that connect to service providers like super funds and up to 28 different payroll softwares. This helps save time and money as the same data is funneled through every system, reducing the risk of error and maintaining compliant processes.
Learn more in our video below.