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Wrkr helps Consortio improve compliance and scale their business

Consortio CEO, Michael Paine explains why they chose wrkr READY as their onboarding solution for contingent workers.
From hire to retire, an employee’s working life within your business is punctuated with often complex or tedious administrative tasks, from onboarding to payroll management.
Whether a startup or an established organisation, you should strive for efficient business processes and effective information management.
Employees are one of the most valuable business assets, so it’s critical to ensure they receive the correct wages, super, and disbursements on time.
At Wrkr, we simplify compliance through our user-friendly integrated solutions, including:
  • wrkr READY: a cost-saving digitised onboarding experience
  • wrkr PAY: seamlessly manage payments across providers
  • wrkr BENEFITS: support your employee’s financial wellness through a secure dashboard offering tailored benefits.
To date, more than 70,000 employers across all industry sectors trust Wrkr to help meet their regulatory obligations.
Are you ready to let Wrkr take the guesswork out of your compliance requirements?
Contact us today.